With years of experience and confidence, we offer competitively priced products.

Fabricated metal products

We help you source cable trays, conduit pipes, gratings, corridors, and mounting hardware in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.

  • Cable trays・Conduit pipes

    We provide cable trays and conduit pipes that have been successfully delivered to power generation plants in many countries. Upon request, we also recommend manufacturers that can meet your needs.

  • Support materials and fittings

    Our production will be based on your specifications.
    (Note that a sketch must be provided).

  • Gratings・Corridors


Panel-related products

Panel-related products Panel-related products

We manufacture various types of panels based on years of experience delivering products to power generation, environmental plants, and infrastructure facilities around the world. We also manufacture panel cases in addition to complete panels.

  • Switchboards



    Production according to the number of surfaces is possible.
    For instance, we could accept a case where we do everything up to painting the cabinet in Vietnam and conduct the embedded wiring in Japan.

  • Power-control panels

    Power-control panels

    Power-control panels

    We can design power control panels such as MCCs or inverter panels.
    In addition, we can supply your preferred internal component manufacturer to our panel manufacturer.

  • Instrumentation panels

    Instrumentation panels

    Instrumentation panels

    Based on our experience delivering to power plants around the globe, the possibility of manufacturing in Vietnam is now being considered.

Electrical components

Electrical equipment components Electrical equipment components

Our company supplies electrical components for Vietnam's production sites. We plan to expand the lineup of products we handle in the future.

  • FA・Control



    M-SYSTEM Co.,Ltd

    Offers signal conditioners, power transducers, and IoT-related products that support factories and buildings' smartification.

  • Connector



    Nanaboshi Electric Mfg.Co.,Ltd

    Provides metal industrial connectors (Metacon), which are extremely durable and have a proven track record in harsh environments. Custom-made products are also available.

  • Explosion proof

    Explosion proof

    Explosion proof

    Shimada Electric Co.,Ltd

    Offers safe and highly functional explosion-proof product from Shimada Electric, a specialized manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment.
    They enhance safety in hazardous locations where flammable materials are present.